In-Office Lab

Expedient And Quality Care

At most dental offices, the blueprints or impressions taken for your restorations are sent to a laboratory outside the office to be crafted. But at Sandhills Dental Rehabilitation Center, we have an in-office laboratory allowing us to create removable prosthodontics in our office. Carefully created by our certified dental technician, Kenneth Spencer, and approved by the doctors.

Carefully Crafted Restorations

You can be sure your restorations are well made at our office. Our dentists place importance on attention to detail and they’re careful to create restorations that fit your mouth perfectly.

Your restorations are also color-matched to your teeth so they blend in seamlessly. You won’t have to worry about anyone noticing them — you may even forget you have them.

What We Can Create
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At Sandhills Dental Rehabilitation Center, we’re dedicated to keeping up with the latest dental technology. We adapt our practice with updated technology and information to make your dental visit easier as well as provide more accurate treatment.